By Small and Simple Things

I have two artworks that go by the title “By Small and Simple Things.” The first is on paper that is 29 inches x 41 inches and integrates an excerpt  from Alma 37:6 – a verse from the Book of Mormon.

The second artwork is smaller and is on paper that is 22 x30 inches. I completed the smaller piece before I moved on to creating the second larger artwork.


Both of these artworks were an exercise in utilizing all the colors in the box, so to speak.


This artwork is titled Dandelions. It is done with ink on 22×30 paper.

I ended up creating this design as the result of a period of weeks in which I was attempting to eliminate the dandelions from my lawn. I actually love dandelions. But, in the words of Sam Kinison: “I was out there looking for crabgrass, weeds and stuff, going ‘I have a responsibility to the neighborhood! There’s a weed here.'”

The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 1

This artwork is titled “The Tragedy of Macbeth – Act 5 – Scene 1” – another title I had considered at one point was “Out Damn Spot.” This piece involves two dark black lines that move about and that overlay each other – ┬áto represent the plots and machinations employed by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth – and the ultimate fate they will share. The line “who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him” also informs this piece.

Jubal Jubilee


This artwork is on 22×30 paper and is based on Genesis 4:21. It fulfills a long-held desire that I have had to integrate a Hebrew Bible verse into my work. It was influenced by some things I heard while listening to a Hugh Nibley lecture titled “The Heritage of Cain.” He provides some very interesting commentary on the subject of Cain, his descendants and what the Bible has to say in regards to these subjects.